Monday, November 19, 2012

Episode 39 - I Want To Ride My Bicycle

Here is the link to Download this week's Episode

Thanks to everyone that keeps watching and listening to our episodes. We will be recording Episode 39 at 1:30pm CST today. Sorry for the late posts but we literally decided this like 10 minutes ago.  With Israel in Delaware and only being free on the weekends it makes it hard to find time for us all to record. We need to get him back to IL so we can go back to our thursday night recordings:)  Link will be up closer to 1:30

White Doug

Monday, October 29, 2012

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Friday, September 28, 2012

Episode 32 - Your Mother

You can Download this week's episode here
Watch us on YouTube Here

Your Mother!
Black Doug was the only one in Studio the last couple of episodes
Israel has a beard!?!
Some super professional recording
This week's Beer: Firestone Walker Double DBA
Brian is listening to all the episodes
$15 bottle of beer
Upcoming beers
Which is better Moped or Bacon
Guy drives vespa from oregon to maine with 9 iphones
Ardrino bar tender
3000lbs of bacon to get across the country -
There will be a bacon shortage!?!
Free Bacon on Thursdays!
The United Church of Bacon
A Webcam at the top of mt everest
man tests police response time with fake gernade launcher
Are you being a dick, a flowchart
Awesome resignation email
The Whopper Sacrafice: unfriend 10 friends on facebook for a free whopper
Champion of the world beer cup
Gangnam Style!
Kim Jung Style
A few minutes of us snickering at youtube videos
Why does that have 3 million views?
Awesome notes from kids
iPhone 5's supply chain and rare earth metals
iPhone resale value
iphone 5 screen easier to replace
Apple makes a buttload of money on iPhone hardware
How much is an iPhone 3G worth?
Washing a 386 computer, with water
Guy makes AK-47 art
Black Doug is catching up on show notes... slowly
Bagle head injection big in Japan
Sting ray photobomb
If I poke myself in the face, can you hear it
Woman performs C-Section on herself
We should go to Vegas again
CNP brake job could have been lots cheaper
Why does the speedometer go to 160 MPH
Man shoots himself on national TV
Playing Portal 2
The Onion tries to piss off non-Islamic religious folk...
Black Doug rants on politics
The World's best father photo series

Monday, September 24, 2012

Episode 31 - Blind Man's Penis

Download Audio Here
Watch the podcast on YouTub Here

Talking to Google about brady bunch style google hangouts
Lower third on google hangouts
This weeks beet Sam Adams Oktoberfest
White Doug won't vote for Black Doug :(
"You said fucking a lot in that sentence"
Using a big mirror to fixed mirror imaged webcams
ZombieS! Halo Corp trains for zombie apocolypse
What generation are we?
Israel has a pipe too?
Fucked up text messages from Israel
Black Doug thought process flow chart:
     Am I a decendant of Gengus Kahn?
     If Yes, Is Kim Jung Un's wife hot?
     If No, I am a descendant of King Edward of England
1 in 7 probably deserve to die
The Tudors involks a "stabby mood"
The fist bumping cat is our biggest driver of downloads!
We should sell fist bumping cats
Some break ups are bad - Ex-boyfriend living in attic 12 years later
Arrested Development coming to netflix
Weird food combinations
Popcorn cerial
Don't bring up American Cheese!
Have you ever met the kebler elves
Barking Spiders
Oktoberfest is in September
White Doug knocked over wine in the liquor store
Kim Jung Un is fat, and giving out workout advise
Black Doug vs Kim Jung Un
The history of Nintendo
The Wii U
Mario on iPhone would be awesome!
How to make an IT guy cringe
CNP didn't play video games as a child, or have electricity.
"Tim, I'm going to kidnap you and put put you in my basement..."
Song Poems - Stevie Wonder's Penis
Funny stories from the ER
Learn vs teach
Raspberri Pi supercomputer
The EL train
How do blind people know if they're gay or not?
Bacon number on Google
The EL train again
Life sized game of Mouse Trap
Life Sized board games
We should build a big chess set for burning man next year
White Doug needs to start training for his bike ride
You Tube is under scheduled maintenance
Daylight Savings Time is November 4
Andre the Giant drank 127 beers in one sitting
The Princess Bride is awesome!
Getting hit by a car is funny
There is no unmute!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Episode 30 - Golf Courses

Download Audio Here
Watch us on YouTube Here

Our first episode we are all in separate locations!
CNP's awesome jungle bridge picture
Goose Island Harvest Ale
Weird alcohol laws
Text messages from Israel
Why does some hair only grow so long
Where is Bosnia?
Amazon doesn't have inflatable anvils :(
Anvils are expensive
The origin of pumpkin chuckin
Blowing anvils up for most air time
How to steam wood to build a kayak - redneck style
Amphibious bicycle
Cedar Point selling the paddlewheel boats
Rembrant painting lost in the mail in Norway
Sperm bicycle
Space Spiral blown up at Cedar Point
Mining and airspace rights
Apple iPhone 5 preorder stories with "the person white doug lives with"
Printing guns with 3D printers
DIY bomb building
Why isn't Black Doug black?
Woman drives car into sand trap following GPS
Mini golf an acceptable date?
White Doug got a hole in zero
Cool looking Golf course
Shotgun rampage after broken window on golf course
Under water golf, even better, Under-water darts
Bow hunting
Whiskey tasting party - an amazing idea
Good target shooting
Bow target shooting - 297/300 is only ameture?
Practice bowling before a tournoment
Israel is drinking rum from the bottle
Chugging Jack Daniels on epic meal time
Bacon grease toasted hot dog buns
Pumpkin Chunkin in Delaware
"Bought with my kids college fund"
Israel filled Black Doug's kitchen with smoke while trying to cook frozen pizza
The cop wrote himself a ticket
White Doug wrote himself up at work
Bicycle dynamo for iphone charging
Journey of Hope bike ride will allow tour of Chrystler plant
Ride a bike across the ocean
Google Hangout & Youtube worked much better this time
Dan Akroyd is signing Crystal Head Vodka bottles on Oct 5
Thanks for watching Eric!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Episode 29 - Wrestling Gorillas

Download Here

Recorded Feb 15, 2012
Man dies at Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas
Height weight charts
Do you think humans will ever walk on the sun?
FBI surveillance van #23 is an awesome SSID
Black Doug's $100 Trillion bill from Zimbabwe
Peep Jousting
This week's beer: Left Hand Milk Stout
Lets drive to Colorado!
White Doug sucks at setting up Black Doug on a date
Alzheimer drugs and lab rats
Guillotines and how long you live
Apple and Ford Stock
Bro Tips
Dress Shirt buttons
Taylor Swift isn't jail bait?
Justin Bieber
Investing in whiskey
South pole whiskey duplicated for 50,000 bottle run
Planking and the Darwin Awards
Some picture none of us remember
What weapon would you attack a Gorilla with
White Doug's Lawsuit
Israel put his foot through an apartment wall, and got the deposit back
White Doug's projector in his old dorm
Why did the Doug's get kicked out of their dorm at NIU?
What defines a man?
CNP's old cats
Israel's dog in a restaurant joke
Israel can't hang out with someone who owns a pig
Weird 911 transcripts
Paying for things with pennies
How not to get hired
Roz Savage rowed across the Pacific Ocean
Black Doug's pint glasses
Jenny's number: 867-5309

No Pictures this week :(  

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Episode 28 - White Doug Sucks His iPhone's Hole

Download Here

Live from the On The Waterfront Festival in Rockford IL
Garage Band missed about 5 min of recording
This week's beer: Pacifico
Israel flew in from Delaware
Special Guest Andrew Carr flew in from Cleveland
Special guest Hollywood is with us
A cow got stuck in a tree
White Doug dropped his iPhone in a toilet
White Doug sucks on his iPhone
iPhone 5 Rumors
The fist bumping cat tried to blow away
Bluetooth laser keyboard
Israel shopping in Sky mall
Buy clean water and re-dirty
Toll sidewalks
European pay toilets
Supercooled water (super freeze)
Using dry ice for a smoke cannon
First World Problems
Black Doug doesn't wash white clothes
Mercedes S class
Black Doug's driveway sucks
Go Chicago Bears
What is a Brown (the Cleveland version)
Cubs fans rock!
Black Doug's sister's shower is messed up
Finding really old messages in bottles
Canadian family adopts grizzly bear to live with them
Andrew Carr's story time
Man crawled 200 miles after being attacked by bear
Moscow spent $20m on getting rid of clouds
2016 Chicago Olympics would have been awesome
Hollywood ditched work to be here
Tasmanian Devils have a face cancer problem
Weirdo's eating people's faces
The zombie Apocalypse
Israel's date last week didn't go so well
Hurricane Issac wind is ridiculous
Hollywood swears off Brazilian women
Revenge biting – Nepali man bite a cobra to death
Roll up keyboards
55 Gallon Drums of lube on Amazon
$30m maple syrup heist
Hollywood has to make it back to work
Visit Hollywood at the Rockford Guitar Center
The rain and wind is a little ridiculous
Instagram users posting lots of sexual pictures
$90 dual alarm clock from skymall
We should condition humans
Tweets from 2006
TV cliffhangers should be called blue balls
Weather affects cloud computing... according to stupid people
Viewing the past via a giant space mirror
CNP's toast with iPhones

Pictures Here!


Dear Internet,
1. Sorry that it was not live streamed on the internet because well we didnt have any internet there.

2. The weather was really windy and we had a loud neighbor so there was a lot of wind noise that really can not be edited out with someone with my editing skillz so with the exception of 2 minorish edits this weeks episode will be unedited and I hope everyone likes it.

3. Also the reason that the audio was so bad was because we turned up the gain on the microphones so that people could hear us on our speakers walking by but doing that picked up so much noise.  Things that we are learning as we go.

4. There is a small chunk in the beginning that was not recorded because GarageBand was being a Dick again and stopped recording and I did not notice that it had done that due to all the extra noise in my headphones.  

       So what happened in that blank space. 1 We introduced everyone. White Doug, Black Doug, Cool Name Pending, Israel Palestine and special guests Andrew Carr and Holly Wood. 2. We talked about our beer which was Pacifico. It was an alright beer, lighter than what we are used to but still good. 

4. I hope everyone out there is sticking with us even when we have issues.  This live thing was very new to us and we didnt realize how much work it would be to setup and with the weather it just made it 100 times worse.

Next week we will be back in a studio and it should sound better again..

-White Doug-

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Friday, August 31, 2012

Episode 28 - Recording Soon!!!

Episode 28 is going to be recorded live tomorrow at the On The Waterfront Music Festival in Rockford IL at 3pm so come out and watch.

All four of us will be together live (Yes, Israel is flying in today) as well as friends/family/listeners.

We have special guest DJ Holly Wood that will be joining us and possibly Steve Shannon from the Rockford radio station 97.5FM WZOK

Come back at 3pm on Saturday September 1st and you will (hopefully) be able to watch us Live right from our page here

Check out our Schwanky banner that will be making an appearance at the festival

-White Doug-

Monday, August 27, 2012

Episode 27 - Our First YouTube Broadcast

Well... We recorded for almost 2 hours this week and cut it to 70 min in the editing room.  So if we seem a bit more A.D.D. than usual this week, that's why.

Download Here

Our First Live Stream Via Google Hangout!
Tim's language: gibberish
This Week We're Drinking: Wells Banana Beer
CNP One Up's Black Doug's Sight Reading
Live Show Next Week - Sept 1 In Rockford, IL
Electric Eel Powers Christmas Tree
Delaware Has Eels!?
Giant Eels To Power The World Is Distracting Us
Charging Your Chevy Volt For Free
Aerogel Is Awesome
The Origin Of Bluetooth
Wizards Are Real
Bad-Ass Surgeon Rides Child's Bicycle To Beat Traffic And Perform Surgery
Evanston Mini Maker Faire
Power Wheels Racing Series
Awesome Electric Motorcycle
How The Fridge Got Its Hum
Man Arrested For Spending $2 Bills At Best Buy
How Long Can A Shrimp Run On A Treadmill?
Woman Sues 5 Year Old For $11,000, And Wins
Empire State Building Shooting
Should The Media Censor The News?
Apple Won $1.049B Lawsuit Against Samsung
Patent Wars!
Playing Tennis On The Wing Of A Plane
Finding The Terminal Velocity Of A Penny
Throwing A Baseball At 80% The Speed Of Light
Verizon Math - $0.002 Is Different Than .002¢, Unless You're Verizon
Excessive Cell Phone Fees
You Can Buy Twitter Followers On eBay
Guy Gets Nailed With $675k In RIAA Lawsuit
RIAA Losing Its Funding
More Distractions From BroMyGod
Beanie Baby Guy Gives $20k Tip For Driving Directions
Neil Armstrong Died at 82
LCROSS Recon Photos Of Apollo Landing Site
Russian High Heel Racing
In Soviet Russia...
Man Feeds Cattle With Candy
In Capitalist America...
How To Make Money With Money
Strange Free Food From CNP
Black Doug's Tax Refund Receipt
The World Without US
Black Doug's Take On US Foreign Policy
Worst Toast Ever!

This week's Pictures!


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Our First YouTube broadcast!

Well our first live broadcast took forever to get up and running, and then crapped out on us mid episode, but it happened!  Hopefully we'll have the kinks ironed out in the near future, but in the mean time, here's a behind the scenes look at our studio and the first 1/3 of Episode 27.

Seriously, a lot of time is spent not podcasting in this video... Israel starts playing ping pong about 10.5 minutes into the video!!!

Edit: #2  Yea this video is pretty funny to watch as I watch myself try to figure out this mysterious audio issue that was plaguing us for a long time.  Hopefully next time will be better. -White Doug-

Friday, August 24, 2012

Live at the "On the Waterfront" festival

Ok so the details for the OTW festival live show.

3pm at the state st bridge bar. We will be outside the bar and we will have a table with a big banner on it. We will be right by the state st bridge entrance to the festival. We will have our table setup at like 11am so if you walk by earlier you can see the table and take a business card and we will begin setting up to record about 2 and record from 3 to 4, 4:30ish. Please come out and watch so we have an audience so that we look cool and other people stop and watch.

White Doug

Monday, August 20, 2012

Episode 26 - No Amount Of Piss Is Bringing Him Back

A fair warning: there was more drinking than usual this week

Download Here

Israel's Language: num num
Attempting To Play The Mario Theme On Guitar
This Week's Beer: Arrogant Bastard Ale
Weird Divorce Stories
There Is No Amount Of Piss Bringing Him Back
Fucked Up Texts From Israel
Is It Weird To Eat A Banana In Public
Its Un-Manly To Eat A Pink Cupcake
Kenny The Clown Stole Steve Jobs iPad
Balloon Motorcycle
How Many People Did Genghis Khan Sleep With
Egypt Pyramids Discovered On Google Earth
China Tried To Pass Off Top Gun Footage As Air Force Exercises
Kim Jung Un's Wife
More On Genghis Khan's Fucking
Flying To Israel
First Class Has To Pay For Airplane Gas In Syria
Black Doug's Uncle Got Hijacked In The Middle East
How I Met Your Mother - How To Pick Up Chicks At The Airport
How Israel Sneaks Into Movie Theaters
The World Gang Bang Record
Lets Go See The New Bourne Movie
Man Shoots Himself In The Butt In A Movie Theater
Unbreakable Glass
One-Way Breakable Glass
Lion's Should Be Around To Kill Stupid People
Anal Tattoo Girl
10,000 Square Miles Of Floating Rock
Deleting Friends From Facebook
Ads In Facebook
Bad "dad" Joke
Storing Data In DNA
A Call From Andrew Carr
Our Website Crashes Android
We Might Switch To Squarespace Hosting
White Doug Sold DVD's For $200 More Than He Bought Them
Will Weaton On Twitter
Andrew Carr Sends In Pictures Of Cleavage
Black Doug Is Sexy
The Catholic Church Sells Porn
Starbucks Partners With Square!
Navy Ships Come To Chicago
Live Show September 1st Outside The State Street Bridge Bar In Rockford, IL
Come See The Offspring And Theory Of A Deadman With Us!

This Weeks Pictures


Monday, August 13, 2012

Episode 25 - Snopes Crushed Black Doug's Dreams

Download Here

Google+ Hangouts Didn't Work So Well...
Israel's Language: Portuguese
This Week's Beer: Fat Tire Amber Ale
What's 7C?
Israel Pretending To Be Andrew Carr
Crazy Craigslist Story: I Stomped On Your Fire, You Choked On A Biscuit
You Just Got Robbed!
Curiosity Landing On Mars
LCROSS crashing into the moon
Andrew Carr Actually Calls In And Comments On:
Riding Lawnmowers
Crashing Things Into The Moon
Curiosity Rover on Twitter
Mcdonald's Ads On Pandora
Olympics Ads
Hispanics In Chipotle
The Fat Kid At Red Mango
Shit Flavored Shit
Blacker Than Shaft
Jedi, Wolverine, Or World Peace?
TheOtherBrew On Skype Is "Amazing Badass"
Judge Says Ok To Entrap Friends With Seized Phones
Monocles Are Awesome!
Man Microwaves Socks, Starts Apartment Fire
Israel Was A Horrible Child: Dryer S'mores
The Bubba Special - Milk, Cinnamon, And RC Cola
Root Beer And Orange Soda Mixed Is Amazing!
Alcoholic Food!
Run A mile, Eat A Hot Dog....
Our Portal 2 Levels: The Destabilizer, Everything Is Better With Lasers, And Remember The Cube
Tough Mudder
Black Doug Got A Solidoodle 3D Printer At Work!
Japan Is Building Mechwarriors!
The Worst Thing Ever
"I Owe My Life To Justin Bieber"
No! I Will Make Duck Porn!
Naked Woman Evades Police In F250
Man Murders Himself
Man Fired For "liking" Political Candidate
Verticle Skydiving World Record Broken At Skydive Chicago
360 Degree Stitched Video
Soccer Ball Camera
Aerial Drones Used For Real Estate
Weird Japanese Game Shows
SNL Making Fun Of Them
Man Murdering Himself Is Not True.... Fuck You Associated Press
Thong Shortage In Ireland
The Silver Episode!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Its official we are on the "On the Waterfront" page

So we are now listed on the special events page for the On the Waterfront festival. Here is the link for that page. Feel free to check out all of the other happenings at the festival this year.

Along with us there are some pretty cool concerts happening the names are as follows

The Offspring (Thurs)
Billy Currington (Friday)
Creedence Clearwater Revival (Saturday)
Theory of a Deadman (Sunday)
And many many more

Go here for a complete list

Hope to see a bunch of people there and thanks again to Chad and everyone at the On The Waterfront committee for allowing us to be there.

White Doug

Monday, August 6, 2012

Episode 24 -The Great GravityDebate Of 2012

Download Here

Proper Grammar
Israel's Language: Esparanto
This Weeks Beer -  MontyPython's Holy Grail Ale Black Knight's Reserve
Penn's Sunday School
Pants Suck
Kevlar Boxers
Pikachu Sucks
Pay Per Pound On Planes
TSA Liposuction
2003 Was The Year Of Cat Hair In The Mouth
Power Outage At Cedar Point
FCC Says Tethering Is OK
Sex Doll Speed Control
How Fast Do You Have To Hit Someone For Their Eyes To Pop Out
Shoot Down The Teddy Bears!
Clive Palmer's Titanic And Cloned Dinosaurs
I Bit My Teachers Crotch
Femto Cameras
Tony Robins Burns People At Fire Walking Event
Google Hangouts
On The Waterfront Festival - Live Show Sept 1
Skydiving World Record
The Great Gravity Debate
Pumpkin Chunkin, Or Is It Chuckin?
America's Cardboard Cup
Power Wheel Racing Circuit
Tough Mudder
Warrior Dash
Crystal Lake Chili Open Golf Tournament
Climb The Sears Tower
Google Fiber 1gb/s In Kansas City
Topeka Renamed To Google For A Few Days
Diving Into Gold Coins
Android For Raspberry Pi

"May your beers and your conversations never run dry"

Monday, July 30, 2012

Episode 23 - We Fail At Audios This Week

So White Doug says the audio is terrible this week with the new microphones... I say its not that bad, you be the judge!

Israel's Language: English

We got video to work on Skype!
Manshots promises a new theme song when we become famouser

It's Official! 
Live Show at On TheWaterfront in Rockford, IL Saturday, September 1, 2012

This week's beer: Snake River Lager, Jackson Hole, WY

Delta 1647 – The Other Brew
Man Loses Sandwich In Fat Rolls
Black Doug's Weird Cats
Black Doug's trip to Grand Teton NP & Yellowstone NP
Bears & Marmots
The Mile Swim
Israel Learns To Swim
Israel Lost $400 And His Pants
Strip Poker And Strip Circle of Death
The Pink Chair
Bill Gates Reroutes A Plane
Pi As A Credit Card Number
Pi Is Not A Valid Credit Card Number
Weird Interview Questions
How Many Gas Stations Are In The US
You Can Run Out Of Gas In Montana
There Are 142,000 Ish Gas Stations In The US
What's Your Best Entrepreneurial Idea
What 3 Things Do You Bring To A Deserted Island
White House Black Market Attempted Pants Return
Sparkler Burn Holes In A Tuxedo
White Doug's boss Arrested For DUI
Jim Pulled Over For Speeding, On A Bicycle
Driving Your Lawnmower Drunk

“To the preparations for the unexpected, may your adventures never be planned”

So.... We didn't take any pictures this week, instead you get all of our albums!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Episode 22 - I Have Lots Of Imitation Crab Meat In The Freezer

So its a little late but then again the Monday morning on time stuff is not till Ep 23:) So starting next week everything will be done on time and the show notes should be up by thursday

Download or listen Here

Monday, July 16, 2012

Episode 21 - What Do You Do With Your Extra Hot Dogs

Here is this weeks episode right Here.

Please bear with us through this week and next week....... We are working to make everything better and have plans in the works for new fun stuff...

White Doug

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Supplemental Post 20A

Hello Internet,

So I just wanted to say a few things to the listeners.

1. Thank you for continuing to listen to us (especially these past few weeks) as we are very appreciative of that.

Beta. Sorry that Episodes 19-22 are not all the greatest.

Tres. With everyone doing vacations, Israel leaving for DE, CNP being out as well it was just making things complicated but we felt that we would put up episodes that might not be the best but better than going on a month hiatus.

D. Starting with Episode 23 there will be more consistency

        a. Episodes will be posted to the website and for subscribers of iTunes at 6am on Monday Morning (Yes Black Doug this means you have to do something)

        b. Show notes and Pictures will also be posted at 6am on the website along with links and pictures.

        c. Episodes will show up in the iTunes search about 8-9am depending on how long its taking iTunes to refresh that day.

        d. We will have a schedule posted so that you can call in while we are recording and be a part of the show (you know you want to)

        e. Our facebook page will be updated every week with what is happening with the shows (I am hoping for multiple updates a week but ill start by guaranteeing at least one

Echo. White Doug is getting his new Laptop in a few days so the episodes will not have anymore major glitches (ie episode 19 and 14)

^. We will be using the process we used for Episodes 19 and 20 to keep a smoother flow whilst maintaining the randomness that our show is based on.

Seben. Lastly Thanks again for listening. Things should normalize soon. Bear with us through eps 21 and 22 and things should normalize after that.

White Doug

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Episode 20 - Maybe If You Just Wash Your Cock In The Morning

Ok So We Are Going To Go Back To Monday Morning Releases.

Here Is The Link To This Week's Episode (Right Click To Download) It Is Also Up On iTunes As Well.

White Doug

Oh And Starting With Episode 23 Black Doug Will Be More On The Ball With Show Notes And Pictures As He Has Been Lazy....

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Episode 19 - F**k Garage Band

Download Here

Sorry for the short episode. As mentioned by the name of the podcast episode GarageBand fucked up

Israel's Language: Yiddish

This week's beer: Red Stripe Lager

This week, we discussed:

What is
German fat people don't burn as expected
Fight Club
Twinkie, Nutter Bar, Powdered Donut diet
How to clean a motorcycle helmet
The cardboard boat race!
Worst Star Trek quote
How to track space junk
Curiousity Mars Lander
Sharper Image is gone
AR Drone Quadracoptor
The Concord
Vaccumm tube train
Louis CK ticket
Ticketmaster Blows
The end of the checkbook
You can write a check on anything
Captian America and God
Ethan Allen was a drunk bastard
Last Action Hero
Game of Thrones beheaded George W. Bush
Time Machine personal ad
Suspicious coin
Prostitution mix up
Police Blotter
The cat has been killed
Jimmy Carr newspaper ads
How to avoid IRS Audits
Swimmer trapt by beach balls
Swedish websites have strange news
White Doug gets mad at us and deletes the rest of the episode!

Pictures up soon

Monday, June 25, 2012

Episode 18 - 'Merica Big Food F*** Yea

Israel's Language: Little Girl Japanese

This Weeks Beer: Tetley's English Ale

This Week's Topics:

Yellow Spotted Shit
An Elephant Taking A Piss:

Black Doug's Cat
Where Can We Get A Thigh Bone?
Robin Hood Is True-ish
How The Bible Came To Be
FUCK Botswana!
Who Goes To
Everything In This Room Can Kill You
The Difference Between Like And Fetish
Wal-Mart vs Aldi
"I Hate Japs"
No Avocado
Extra Extra Extra Add Without Super Spicy!
White Doug Totally Isn't Racist
Africans Don't Like Cinnamon?
Black Doug's Picture In LA:

How To Securely Erase An iPhone:


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Episode 17 - It Would Disturb My Piece

Download Here

Israel's Language: Huttese

This Weeks Beer: Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat Ale

This Week's Topics:

Illinois Doesn't Have Values
Levelator Is Awesome
KFC Is Like Sex With A Black Man
Literalism And Smart Ass Remarks
Jiggling Black Doug’s Cat
$30,000 Not Iron Throne
Heavy Flat Rate Boxes
Flying Hovercraft
Black Doug's Skydiving Video
Game Of Thrones Is The Most Pirated Show
Comcast And HBO Go
.dog Domain Name Is A Bad Idea
Giant Wooden Balls
MIG Jet In A Lobby
Big Pendulums
The Earth Reverses Poles Every Once In A While
It's Legal For Women To Be Topless In NYC
Obama Shut Down Midtown Manhattan, Black Doug Was Annoyed
Flying Near Air Force One
Uncle Mike's Job
Germany's Interior Minister Gets Around Import Tax With His Spies
Indiana To Allow Citizens To Shoot Law Enforcement Officers
Land Surveyors Are Allowed To Trespass
Awesome Book Dedication
Time Capsule Puppy
Taxidermied Cat Quadrocopter
Xbox on The Shitter
50 People You Wish You Knew
Baby Kim Jung II
Contra Sweater
Shaq Desktop
Motorcycle Bike Rack
60 Seconds And 1 Minute Aren’t The Same?
Utah Students Build A Spider Man Suit
Waterproofing iPhones… Not
Got Cock Blocked By A Ninja While On A Sex Island
Light Bulb Has Been On Since 1901
Bear Quadrocopters
Public Pool Rules
Israel's Movie Theme Song Game
Floppy Drive 007 Theme Song



Sunday, June 10, 2012

Episode 16 - Kitty Nails Digging Into My Leg

Download Here

The Language Of Israel's Name This Week: Binary (Black Doug in Hexadecimal)

What We're Drinking This Week: Yuengling Traditional Lager

This Week's Topics:

Binary And Hex Name Digression
Kitty Nails In Black Doug’s Leg
How To Sneak Into North Korea
Triangle Hotel In Pyongyang
Father's Day Condom Ad
The iGrill
Bill Brasky!
iRack Bra
IT Crowd Perfect Bra
MythBusters Flowchart:

Pressure Vessels
Airport Security And WWII Artifacts
Airdropping Animals In Non-Native Environments
Airdropping Hot Dogs Over Detroit
Kobayashi vs Lou Malnati's Pizza
We Should Have Bought 50 Cent Mattress's
We're Not Drugging Black Doug's Cat's
Couch Burning Mishap
SpaceX Dragon Docks With ISS
FAA Clears Virgin Galactic For Outer Atmosphere Flights
Benjamin Franklin "What good is a newborn baby?" Quote
What's Left To Explore? TED Video
Man Takes Zebra To A Bar
Pot Stirs Itself While Boiling
Guys Give 13 Year Old Gummy Vodka
BBC Uses Halo Logo For UN Story
Man Lives With Bullet In Head For 95 Years
Nails In Your Head
Smokey The Bear Has His Own Zip Code
Forest Fires Are Good! They Serve A Purpose
Shield And Baton End Table
Clothbot: The Fabric Gripping, Pants Climbing Robot!
Germany Show Jumping Cow
Israel's News Story Game
Panda Painted Elephants And Crocodiles
Smart Ass Test Answers



Sunday, June 3, 2012

Episode 15 - You've Never Straight Razor Shaved Your Balls?

Israel's Language: Chinese

Things discussed this episode:

Fingering The Rubber Chicken
Memory Starts Going At Age 25 Apparently
All The Folders End In 12! Oh, That's The Year
Yogi Bear On The AT Smoking The Bible
Harvesting Quail?
PETA Should Have A Prize For Regenerative Limbs
Black Doug's Cat Fell Through The Ceiling:

Page 29 Is On Google Books!
CNP Fooled By Fake AT Story:

The Chicken's Water Broke All Over Israel's Pants
Bill Murray's 1-800 Number
Don't Strip After Choking Your Chicken
More Stories From The AT
Israel's Tick Story
Israel's NES Music Game
Violent Mortal Kombat


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Epidose 14 - Epic Fail

Download Here

Well with CNP off hiking on the Appalachian Trail and the holiday weekend, the episode is up a bit late... but you know it's still good!

I've been slacking on the show notes, but I'll get caught up soon here, I hope...

- Black Doug

The language of Israel's name this week: Whisper English
What we're drinking this week: Tsingtao

This Week's Topics:

No CNP This Week
A Rubber Chicken
Israel’s Portal 2 level:  The Destabilizer
Portal 2 Is Now A Huge Time Suck
How To Be Manly
Wireless Remote Control Inventor Dies
The Best Amazon Review Ever
Password Managers
Bad Passwords
Keyboard Types
It’s Legal To Escape From Prison In Mexico
2 Fly’s Per Bathroom Law
Laser Guided Mosquito Killer
Stories From The Amusement Park
Free Pizza For Ordering In Spanish
Israel’s Story Game
Pentagon Lingo
George Carlin’s “Riding on the airplane”
Bears Opening Coffins
Israel And The 9V Battery
Unfortunate Restaurant Rames
“The Angry Dragon” Restaurant
Women Stuck In Chair For 2 Days
Wing Suit Landing Without A Parachute
Movies you need to see: PCU
Protest signs
Turning Cheap Beer Into Good Beer
Mixing Beers
Mailing Strange Things
Quality Inappropriate Shadows
Israel’s Andrew Carr Love Song
We Have A Store?!?
CNP’s Toast From The Appalachian Trail



Monday, May 21, 2012

Episode 13 - Fingers

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The language of Israel's name this week: Polish

What we're drinking this week: Magic Hat Vinyl

This Week's Topics:

We Have An iTunes Review?
Israel’s Poop Story
1840’s Ship Wreck Beer
Following Through With Our Idea’s
CNP’s Photo Shoot
Food Photography
Real Vs Advertised
Sally’s Clam Chowder
Hot Chick At The Mexican Presidential Debate
Watching Mexican TV At 2AM
Israel’s Spanking Story
Learning How To Use Strange Equipment
Siri Recommending A Nokia Phone
Google Modular Trailer Server Farm
Black Doug Looks Like The Crocodile Hunter
NASCAR And Rednecks – Slamming Black Doug’s Ex
Hockey Fights
Great America’s New Coaster
Bin Laden Compound Papers
Bubble Wrap
Airplane! Abortion Argument
Supreme Court Justice Robbed
Katana Wielding Vigilante Vs Wind Surfing Shark Stabber
Pirate vs Ninja
Blackbeard’s Bar In New Orleans
Strange Pizza Deliveries
2 Liter Bottle Full Of Change
Standing In Canoes And Kayaks
Israel’s Cheetah Suit
Stacked Crap At White Doug’s Old Apartment
Strange Things To Do In Stores
Jim’s Alarm Clock Story
Jim’s First Apartment In VT
Kickstarter PIN Code Alarm Clock
Shredding Money
The State Song And 4th Grade
6 Things Your Fingers Say About You
Making Dinosaurs
Israel’s Sicily Shirt
Sally’s Gift Package – What’s “TOB”?

Guest Speakers: Sally & Jim