Sunday, March 18, 2012

Episode 4 - Because I Had My Thumb In It

Hey Everyone,

So with Israel leaving for Rhode Island last night and Black Doug and I leaving for Boston Tonight along with the fact that the rest of the days this week didn't work for at least one of us we couldn't record an episode this week.......... However.......... To fill its place we will have one of our beta episodes on itunes on Monday. The episode that is going up is beta episode 0.50 "Because I had my thumb in it" Please download, subscribe and help us grow.

-White Doug-

Get Episode 4 right here on itunes or you can right click and download it here.

What we're drinking this week: Glenwood Canyon No Name Nut Brown Ale

This Week's Topics:

Google Interview Question - You're Stuck In A Giant Blender
Blentec Blender Videos
Awesome Senior Moment - Elderly Lady Car Jacks 4 Guys
The Guy Who Touched 1000 Pairs Of Boobs For A Russian Politician
Iranian Nuclear Scientists Assassinated
Republican Primary Stupidness
FML Stories
Black Doug Floods The Kitchen
RIAA Rips Ars Technica A New One
Big Content Fears Technology
Wikipedia Going Dark April 18
Nuclear Strike Death Projections In The US
Tim's Lemon Brick Food
2012 Doomsday Profiteering
Windmill Water Pumps
Meth heads Fuck Over Polar Pure
Giant Trojan Horse At Burning Man
Black Doug Races Cardboard Boats
3rd Place In The Ugliest Boat Category
Catch Phrase Stories
Fried Seafood For Poor People
What's Amish?!
Maintenance Screw Ups At White Doug's Old Job
A Wheel Fell Off A Roller Coaster
Small Ones Vs Samoans
John Phillip Susa And The Player Piano
Singularity Project - Store Consciousness In A Computer
A Lot Of Random
How We Would Survive The End Of The World
Expiration Dates And Black Doug's Fridge
Rotting Cow Under The Car Seat
Baker's Square Pie Left In The Car
Blue Man Group And Situational Humor
Most Bars Per Capita - FRG
Registering For Burning Man
Bringing Farm Animals To Burning Man
Blowing Up Farm Animals
Molesting The Microphone - Flipping The Pages Of Books