Sunday, April 22, 2012

Episode 9 - Don't Break That, That's Good Cheese

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The language of Israel's name this week: Dothraki

What we're drinking this week: Fixed Gear American Red Ale

This Week's Topics:

Castrated by lobsters - Urban Legend??
Millennium Falcon High School
$150 Gas Powered Mountain Bike
Zamboni DUI
HP ink costs
Car salesman smack-down
Sally's Email - talking to electronics
Sexual objectivity
The iPhone will fail
Bullet Proof iPhone Case
Frozen Cows in a cabin
Exploding whale
Written up for showing up to a meeting in a bathrobe
Dating Profiles
Parking lot Duels

Guest Speaker: Cream Girl (Ellee)

Israel's Game:
White Doug: "Licking Lambs"
Black Doug: "I still don't know how I ended up wearing a sombrero"
Israel: "I would totally bang the shit out of her, 2 times"
Cool-Name-Pending: "One time, I was riding on a Zamboni"

Pictures from this week's recording:


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Episode 8 - What If You Get Tazed In The Balls

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The language of Israel's name this week: American Sign Language

What we're drinking this week: Samuel Adams American Kriek (Barrel Room Collection)

This Week's Topics: 

Israel's new podcast game
Licking car batteries
When life gives you lemons, do you make lemonade?
iPhone Geiger Counter
Ridiculous Rick Santorum voicemail
Secondary video game market
Ultimate Tazer Ball
Plunger man robs bank
Redneck stump removal
Run Cool-Name-Pending's car over with a tank!
Drinking helps creative problem solving

Pictures from this week's recording:




Monday, April 2, 2012

Episode 6 - Diarrhea All Over My Shirt

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The language of Israel's name this week: Morse Code

What we're drinking this week: Riverside Brewery - Luna Negra Espresso Stout

This Week's Topics: 

be like Mario
how Jewish are you?
11 beer samples!
snow kiting without snow
Doug's to do list
Israel's Off track betting experiences
Mitt Romney and his dog
Chloe the dog
Israel's craptastic puppy
$12,000 Titanic dinner
Bacon Coffin
Think Geek April fools
Canned Unicorn meat
setting text noise to "fart"
What's up texts
Israel's porn music ring tone
Money shredding alarm clocks
Canada offs the penny
The US should kill the penny
Wozniack stopped by the secret service in Vegas
Treasury credit card points scam
Israel's placenta story...
White Doug calls his mom
Rules of a Gentleman
CNP's car repair needs
Top Hats
fixing things
The Good Wife's Guide
Israel's dream
Geico's spokesmen