Sunday, April 22, 2012

Episode 9 - Don't Break That, That's Good Cheese

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The language of Israel's name this week: Dothraki

What we're drinking this week: Fixed Gear American Red Ale

This Week's Topics:

Castrated by lobsters - Urban Legend??
Millennium Falcon High School
$150 Gas Powered Mountain Bike
Zamboni DUI
HP ink costs
Car salesman smack-down
Sally's Email - talking to electronics
Sexual objectivity
The iPhone will fail
Bullet Proof iPhone Case
Frozen Cows in a cabin
Exploding whale
Written up for showing up to a meeting in a bathrobe
Dating Profiles
Parking lot Duels

Guest Speaker: Cream Girl (Ellee)

Israel's Game:
White Doug: "Licking Lambs"
Black Doug: "I still don't know how I ended up wearing a sombrero"
Israel: "I would totally bang the shit out of her, 2 times"
Cool-Name-Pending: "One time, I was riding on a Zamboni"

Pictures from this week's recording: