Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Epidose 14 - Epic Fail

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Well with CNP off hiking on the Appalachian Trail and the holiday weekend, the episode is up a bit late... but you know it's still good!

I've been slacking on the show notes, but I'll get caught up soon here, I hope...

- Black Doug

The language of Israel's name this week: Whisper English
What we're drinking this week: Tsingtao

This Week's Topics:

No CNP This Week
A Rubber Chicken
Israel’s Portal 2 level:  The Destabilizer
Portal 2 Is Now A Huge Time Suck
How To Be Manly
Wireless Remote Control Inventor Dies
The Best Amazon Review Ever
Password Managers
Bad Passwords
Keyboard Types
It’s Legal To Escape From Prison In Mexico
2 Fly’s Per Bathroom Law
Laser Guided Mosquito Killer
Stories From The Amusement Park
Free Pizza For Ordering In Spanish
Israel’s Story Game
Pentagon Lingo
George Carlin’s “Riding on the airplane”
Bears Opening Coffins
Israel And The 9V Battery
Unfortunate Restaurant Rames
“The Angry Dragon” Restaurant
Women Stuck In Chair For 2 Days
Wing Suit Landing Without A Parachute
Movies you need to see: PCU
Protest signs
Turning Cheap Beer Into Good Beer
Mixing Beers
Mailing Strange Things
Quality Inappropriate Shadows
Israel’s Andrew Carr Love Song
We Have A Store?!?
CNP’s Toast From The Appalachian Trail