Monday, May 7, 2012

Episode 11 - We Have New Listeners

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The language of Israel's name this week: Jibberish

What we're drinking this week: Bell's Oberon Ale

This Week's Topics:

$8500 computer
Camera phone Geiger counter
Terri the new listener!
Black Doug is writing show notes!
The nerdist podcast
Black Doug and Penn Jillette:


Chimps and little people
The US dropped a atomic bomb on Mars Bluff, SC
Yanni Concert in Chicago with 6 pianos
Cat Stevens becomes Yusuf Islam
You don't mix Catholic charities with The Other Brew
Set up on a date with the only guy with glasses...
Yuja Wang hot pianist
the brothers WHALEN Jazz
Kiva charity loans
World class violinist fools metro riders
Boston street performer and White Doug's ass:

Missiles at the 2012 Olympics
The Pentagon's Defenses
Urinal Etiquette
Israeli Foreign Minister flushes toilet during radio interview
Cedar Point construction guy taking a caught taking a leak
Eric Larsen Arctic Explorer
What the Race to the South Pole Can Teach You About How to Achieve Your Goals
Investing in Whiskey
Liquipel iPhone Waterproofing
Stories of Israel babysitting his nephews
White Doug's Sister and his roommate
Man high on bath salt kills goat
Assailant suffers injuries from fall
Octomom Porn
Ghost ship sank by coast guard
SCUBA in Illinois - Pearl Lake
Texting man walks into a bear
Bear portal
Why the iPad has to be made in China
Mining asteroids
Are there birds in Canada
Grounding FAIL
9V and steel wool
bad batteries on the assembly line
Israel at the horse farm
Stupid Girl - Broken Flux Capacitor
Awesome Flux Capacitor receipt
Andrew's Voicemail

Guest speakers: Ellee and Sandra

Photos from this week's recording: