Monday, May 14, 2012

Episode 12 - Hit In The Face With A High Speed Camera!

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The language of Israel's name this week: Italian

What We're Drinking This Week: Stone Levitation Ale

This Week's Topics:

New tag line? - A bunch of bros, imbibing beers, whilst bodaciously broadcasting butt loads of bullshit beyond all believable bounds
Geiger Counter Camera Phone Not BS
Mexican Midget Wrestlers Killed By Fake Prostitutes
Man Robs Police Department
Dad Straps 4 Kids To His Car Hood
Boat Passes Car POV
Losing A Trailer
Dumbest DUI Ever
Shaking A Cat To Guess Its Weight
Dolphin Dies Of Heroin Overdose
Israel's Rubber Chicken
PETA $1M Prize For Lab Grown Meat
Meat Speakeasy
London Meat Bar
US Conflict Restaurant
Ethiopian Food Is Amazing
Our iTunes Review
Guy Finishes 72oz Steak
Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
Philly Wing Bowl
Lingerie Bowl
Bouncer Finds Own Face On Fake ID
hot princess Leia's
BS Arkansas lottery lawsuit
Shooting Burglars
Awesome Signs
Austrian Town Of Fucking
Zommondo And Mother's Day
Man Sues BMW For 2 Year Erection
6 Year Old Suspended For Singing LMFAO Song
High Speed Camera Of Water Balloon To Black Doug's Face:

How Not To Apply For Dead Guy's Job
Would You Rather...
Nude Beaches
NV Gets First Autonomous Vehicle License
Canada Naked Lady Money
Toxic Mouse Bombs
Portal Bear Dead
Killing Deer With Vehicles
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Guest Speakers: Jewbacca, Maximus Decimus Meridius

In the Audience: Monica, Thomass

Pictures from this week