Monday, May 21, 2012

Episode 13 - Fingers

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The language of Israel's name this week: Polish

What we're drinking this week: Magic Hat Vinyl

This Week's Topics:

We Have An iTunes Review?
Israel’s Poop Story
1840’s Ship Wreck Beer
Following Through With Our Idea’s
CNP’s Photo Shoot
Food Photography
Real Vs Advertised
Sally’s Clam Chowder
Hot Chick At The Mexican Presidential Debate
Watching Mexican TV At 2AM
Israel’s Spanking Story
Learning How To Use Strange Equipment
Siri Recommending A Nokia Phone
Google Modular Trailer Server Farm
Black Doug Looks Like The Crocodile Hunter
NASCAR And Rednecks – Slamming Black Doug’s Ex
Hockey Fights
Great America’s New Coaster
Bin Laden Compound Papers
Bubble Wrap
Airplane! Abortion Argument
Supreme Court Justice Robbed
Katana Wielding Vigilante Vs Wind Surfing Shark Stabber
Pirate vs Ninja
Blackbeard’s Bar In New Orleans
Strange Pizza Deliveries
2 Liter Bottle Full Of Change
Standing In Canoes And Kayaks
Israel’s Cheetah Suit
Stacked Crap At White Doug’s Old Apartment
Strange Things To Do In Stores
Jim’s Alarm Clock Story
Jim’s First Apartment In VT
Kickstarter PIN Code Alarm Clock
Shredding Money
The State Song And 4th Grade
6 Things Your Fingers Say About You
Making Dinosaurs
Israel’s Sicily Shirt
Sally’s Gift Package – What’s “TOB”?

Guest Speakers: Sally & Jim