Sunday, June 3, 2012

Episode 15 - You've Never Straight Razor Shaved Your Balls?

Israel's Language: Chinese

Things discussed this episode:

Fingering The Rubber Chicken
Memory Starts Going At Age 25 Apparently
All The Folders End In 12! Oh, That's The Year
Yogi Bear On The AT Smoking The Bible
Harvesting Quail?
PETA Should Have A Prize For Regenerative Limbs
Black Doug's Cat Fell Through The Ceiling:

Page 29 Is On Google Books!
CNP Fooled By Fake AT Story:

The Chicken's Water Broke All Over Israel's Pants
Bill Murray's 1-800 Number
Don't Strip After Choking Your Chicken
More Stories From The AT
Israel's Tick Story
Israel's NES Music Game
Violent Mortal Kombat