Sunday, June 10, 2012

Episode 16 - Kitty Nails Digging Into My Leg

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The Language Of Israel's Name This Week: Binary (Black Doug in Hexadecimal)

What We're Drinking This Week: Yuengling Traditional Lager

This Week's Topics:

Binary And Hex Name Digression
Kitty Nails In Black Doug’s Leg
How To Sneak Into North Korea
Triangle Hotel In Pyongyang
Father's Day Condom Ad
The iGrill
Bill Brasky!
iRack Bra
IT Crowd Perfect Bra
MythBusters Flowchart:

Pressure Vessels
Airport Security And WWII Artifacts
Airdropping Animals In Non-Native Environments
Airdropping Hot Dogs Over Detroit
Kobayashi vs Lou Malnati's Pizza
We Should Have Bought 50 Cent Mattress's
We're Not Drugging Black Doug's Cat's
Couch Burning Mishap
SpaceX Dragon Docks With ISS
FAA Clears Virgin Galactic For Outer Atmosphere Flights
Benjamin Franklin "What good is a newborn baby?" Quote
What's Left To Explore? TED Video
Man Takes Zebra To A Bar
Pot Stirs Itself While Boiling
Guys Give 13 Year Old Gummy Vodka
BBC Uses Halo Logo For UN Story
Man Lives With Bullet In Head For 95 Years
Nails In Your Head
Smokey The Bear Has His Own Zip Code
Forest Fires Are Good! They Serve A Purpose
Shield And Baton End Table
Clothbot: The Fabric Gripping, Pants Climbing Robot!
Germany Show Jumping Cow
Israel's News Story Game
Panda Painted Elephants And Crocodiles
Smart Ass Test Answers