Monday, June 25, 2012

Episode 18 - 'Merica Big Food F*** Yea

Israel's Language: Little Girl Japanese

This Weeks Beer: Tetley's English Ale

This Week's Topics:

Yellow Spotted Shit
An Elephant Taking A Piss:

Black Doug's Cat
Where Can We Get A Thigh Bone?
Robin Hood Is True-ish
How The Bible Came To Be
FUCK Botswana!
Who Goes To
Everything In This Room Can Kill You
The Difference Between Like And Fetish
Wal-Mart vs Aldi
"I Hate Japs"
No Avocado
Extra Extra Extra Add Without Super Spicy!
White Doug Totally Isn't Racist
Africans Don't Like Cinnamon?
Black Doug's Picture In LA:

How To Securely Erase An iPhone: