Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Episode 19 - F**k Garage Band

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Sorry for the short episode. As mentioned by the name of the podcast episode GarageBand fucked up

Israel's Language: Yiddish

This week's beer: Red Stripe Lager

This week, we discussed:

What is DrinkIQ.com
German fat people don't burn as expected
Fight Club
Twinkie, Nutter Bar, Powdered Donut diet
How to clean a motorcycle helmet
The cardboard boat race!
Worst Star Trek quote
How to track space junk
Curiousity Mars Lander
Sharper Image is gone
AR Drone Quadracoptor
The Concord
Vaccumm tube train
Louis CK ticket
Ticketmaster Blows
The end of the checkbook
You can write a check on anything
Captian America and God
Ethan Allen was a drunk bastard
Last Action Hero
Game of Thrones beheaded George W. Bush
Time Machine personal ad
Suspicious coin
Prostitution mix up
Police Blotter
The cat has been killed
Jimmy Carr newspaper ads
How to avoid IRS Audits
Swimmer trapt by beach balls
Swedish websites have strange news
White Doug gets mad at us and deletes the rest of the episode!

Pictures up soon