Saturday, July 14, 2012

Supplemental Post 20A

Hello Internet,

So I just wanted to say a few things to the listeners.

1. Thank you for continuing to listen to us (especially these past few weeks) as we are very appreciative of that.

Beta. Sorry that Episodes 19-22 are not all the greatest.

Tres. With everyone doing vacations, Israel leaving for DE, CNP being out as well it was just making things complicated but we felt that we would put up episodes that might not be the best but better than going on a month hiatus.

D. Starting with Episode 23 there will be more consistency

        a. Episodes will be posted to the website and for subscribers of iTunes at 6am on Monday Morning (Yes Black Doug this means you have to do something)

        b. Show notes and Pictures will also be posted at 6am on the website along with links and pictures.

        c. Episodes will show up in the iTunes search about 8-9am depending on how long its taking iTunes to refresh that day.

        d. We will have a schedule posted so that you can call in while we are recording and be a part of the show (you know you want to)

        e. Our facebook page will be updated every week with what is happening with the shows (I am hoping for multiple updates a week but ill start by guaranteeing at least one

Echo. White Doug is getting his new Laptop in a few days so the episodes will not have anymore major glitches (ie episode 19 and 14)

^. We will be using the process we used for Episodes 19 and 20 to keep a smoother flow whilst maintaining the randomness that our show is based on.

Seben. Lastly Thanks again for listening. Things should normalize soon. Bear with us through eps 21 and 22 and things should normalize after that.

White Doug