Friday, August 31, 2012

Episode 28 - Recording Soon!!!

Episode 28 is going to be recorded live tomorrow at the On The Waterfront Music Festival in Rockford IL at 3pm so come out and watch.

All four of us will be together live (Yes, Israel is flying in today) as well as friends/family/listeners.

We have special guest DJ Holly Wood that will be joining us and possibly Steve Shannon from the Rockford radio station 97.5FM WZOK

Come back at 3pm on Saturday September 1st and you will (hopefully) be able to watch us Live right from our page here

Check out our Schwanky banner that will be making an appearance at the festival

-White Doug-

Monday, August 27, 2012

Episode 27 - Our First YouTube Broadcast

Well... We recorded for almost 2 hours this week and cut it to 70 min in the editing room.  So if we seem a bit more A.D.D. than usual this week, that's why.

Download Here

Our First Live Stream Via Google Hangout!
Tim's language: gibberish
This Week We're Drinking: Wells Banana Beer
CNP One Up's Black Doug's Sight Reading
Live Show Next Week - Sept 1 In Rockford, IL
Electric Eel Powers Christmas Tree
Delaware Has Eels!?
Giant Eels To Power The World Is Distracting Us
Charging Your Chevy Volt For Free
Aerogel Is Awesome
The Origin Of Bluetooth
Wizards Are Real
Bad-Ass Surgeon Rides Child's Bicycle To Beat Traffic And Perform Surgery
Evanston Mini Maker Faire
Power Wheels Racing Series
Awesome Electric Motorcycle
How The Fridge Got Its Hum
Man Arrested For Spending $2 Bills At Best Buy
How Long Can A Shrimp Run On A Treadmill?
Woman Sues 5 Year Old For $11,000, And Wins
Empire State Building Shooting
Should The Media Censor The News?
Apple Won $1.049B Lawsuit Against Samsung
Patent Wars!
Playing Tennis On The Wing Of A Plane
Finding The Terminal Velocity Of A Penny
Throwing A Baseball At 80% The Speed Of Light
Verizon Math - $0.002 Is Different Than .002¢, Unless You're Verizon
Excessive Cell Phone Fees
You Can Buy Twitter Followers On eBay
Guy Gets Nailed With $675k In RIAA Lawsuit
RIAA Losing Its Funding
More Distractions From BroMyGod
Beanie Baby Guy Gives $20k Tip For Driving Directions
Neil Armstrong Died at 82
LCROSS Recon Photos Of Apollo Landing Site
Russian High Heel Racing
In Soviet Russia...
Man Feeds Cattle With Candy
In Capitalist America...
How To Make Money With Money
Strange Free Food From CNP
Black Doug's Tax Refund Receipt
The World Without US
Black Doug's Take On US Foreign Policy
Worst Toast Ever!

This week's Pictures!


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Our First YouTube broadcast!

Well our first live broadcast took forever to get up and running, and then crapped out on us mid episode, but it happened!  Hopefully we'll have the kinks ironed out in the near future, but in the mean time, here's a behind the scenes look at our studio and the first 1/3 of Episode 27.

Seriously, a lot of time is spent not podcasting in this video... Israel starts playing ping pong about 10.5 minutes into the video!!!

Edit: #2  Yea this video is pretty funny to watch as I watch myself try to figure out this mysterious audio issue that was plaguing us for a long time.  Hopefully next time will be better. -White Doug-

Friday, August 24, 2012

Live at the "On the Waterfront" festival

Ok so the details for the OTW festival live show.

3pm at the state st bridge bar. We will be outside the bar and we will have a table with a big banner on it. We will be right by the state st bridge entrance to the festival. We will have our table setup at like 11am so if you walk by earlier you can see the table and take a business card and we will begin setting up to record about 2 and record from 3 to 4, 4:30ish. Please come out and watch so we have an audience so that we look cool and other people stop and watch.

White Doug

Monday, August 20, 2012

Episode 26 - No Amount Of Piss Is Bringing Him Back

A fair warning: there was more drinking than usual this week

Download Here

Israel's Language: num num
Attempting To Play The Mario Theme On Guitar
This Week's Beer: Arrogant Bastard Ale
Weird Divorce Stories
There Is No Amount Of Piss Bringing Him Back
Fucked Up Texts From Israel
Is It Weird To Eat A Banana In Public
Its Un-Manly To Eat A Pink Cupcake
Kenny The Clown Stole Steve Jobs iPad
Balloon Motorcycle
How Many People Did Genghis Khan Sleep With
Egypt Pyramids Discovered On Google Earth
China Tried To Pass Off Top Gun Footage As Air Force Exercises
Kim Jung Un's Wife
More On Genghis Khan's Fucking
Flying To Israel
First Class Has To Pay For Airplane Gas In Syria
Black Doug's Uncle Got Hijacked In The Middle East
How I Met Your Mother - How To Pick Up Chicks At The Airport
How Israel Sneaks Into Movie Theaters
The World Gang Bang Record
Lets Go See The New Bourne Movie
Man Shoots Himself In The Butt In A Movie Theater
Unbreakable Glass
One-Way Breakable Glass
Lion's Should Be Around To Kill Stupid People
Anal Tattoo Girl
10,000 Square Miles Of Floating Rock
Deleting Friends From Facebook
Ads In Facebook
Bad "dad" Joke
Storing Data In DNA
A Call From Andrew Carr
Our Website Crashes Android
We Might Switch To Squarespace Hosting
White Doug Sold DVD's For $200 More Than He Bought Them
Will Weaton On Twitter
Andrew Carr Sends In Pictures Of Cleavage
Black Doug Is Sexy
The Catholic Church Sells Porn
Starbucks Partners With Square!
Navy Ships Come To Chicago
Live Show September 1st Outside The State Street Bridge Bar In Rockford, IL
Come See The Offspring And Theory Of A Deadman With Us!

This Weeks Pictures


Monday, August 13, 2012

Episode 25 - Snopes Crushed Black Doug's Dreams

Download Here

Google+ Hangouts Didn't Work So Well...
Israel's Language: Portuguese
This Week's Beer: Fat Tire Amber Ale
What's 7C?
Israel Pretending To Be Andrew Carr
Crazy Craigslist Story: I Stomped On Your Fire, You Choked On A Biscuit
You Just Got Robbed!
Curiosity Landing On Mars
LCROSS crashing into the moon
Andrew Carr Actually Calls In And Comments On:
Riding Lawnmowers
Crashing Things Into The Moon
Curiosity Rover on Twitter
Mcdonald's Ads On Pandora
Olympics Ads
Hispanics In Chipotle
The Fat Kid At Red Mango
Shit Flavored Shit
Blacker Than Shaft
Jedi, Wolverine, Or World Peace?
TheOtherBrew On Skype Is "Amazing Badass"
Judge Says Ok To Entrap Friends With Seized Phones
Monocles Are Awesome!
Man Microwaves Socks, Starts Apartment Fire
Israel Was A Horrible Child: Dryer S'mores
The Bubba Special - Milk, Cinnamon, And RC Cola
Root Beer And Orange Soda Mixed Is Amazing!
Alcoholic Food!
Run A mile, Eat A Hot Dog....
Our Portal 2 Levels: The Destabilizer, Everything Is Better With Lasers, And Remember The Cube
Tough Mudder
Black Doug Got A Solidoodle 3D Printer At Work!
Japan Is Building Mechwarriors!
The Worst Thing Ever
"I Owe My Life To Justin Bieber"
No! I Will Make Duck Porn!
Naked Woman Evades Police In F250
Man Murders Himself
Man Fired For "liking" Political Candidate
Verticle Skydiving World Record Broken At Skydive Chicago
360 Degree Stitched Video
Soccer Ball Camera
Aerial Drones Used For Real Estate
Weird Japanese Game Shows
SNL Making Fun Of Them
Man Murdering Himself Is Not True.... Fuck You Associated Press
Thong Shortage In Ireland
The Silver Episode!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Its official we are on the "On the Waterfront" page

So we are now listed on the special events page for the On the Waterfront festival. Here is the link for that page. Feel free to check out all of the other happenings at the festival this year.

Along with us there are some pretty cool concerts happening the names are as follows

The Offspring (Thurs)
Billy Currington (Friday)
Creedence Clearwater Revival (Saturday)
Theory of a Deadman (Sunday)
And many many more

Go here for a complete list

Hope to see a bunch of people there and thanks again to Chad and everyone at the On The Waterfront committee for allowing us to be there.

White Doug

Monday, August 6, 2012

Episode 24 -The Great GravityDebate Of 2012

Download Here

Proper Grammar
Israel's Language: Esparanto
This Weeks Beer -  MontyPython's Holy Grail Ale Black Knight's Reserve
Penn's Sunday School
Pants Suck
Kevlar Boxers
Pikachu Sucks
Pay Per Pound On Planes
TSA Liposuction
2003 Was The Year Of Cat Hair In The Mouth
Power Outage At Cedar Point
FCC Says Tethering Is OK
Sex Doll Speed Control
How Fast Do You Have To Hit Someone For Their Eyes To Pop Out
Shoot Down The Teddy Bears!
Clive Palmer's Titanic And Cloned Dinosaurs
I Bit My Teachers Crotch
Femto Cameras
Tony Robins Burns People At Fire Walking Event
Google Hangouts
On The Waterfront Festival - Live Show Sept 1
Skydiving World Record
The Great Gravity Debate
Pumpkin Chunkin, Or Is It Chuckin?
America's Cardboard Cup
Power Wheel Racing Circuit
Tough Mudder
Warrior Dash
Crystal Lake Chili Open Golf Tournament
Climb The Sears Tower
Google Fiber 1gb/s In Kansas City
Topeka Renamed To Google For A Few Days
Diving Into Gold Coins
Android For Raspberry Pi

"May your beers and your conversations never run dry"