Monday, August 6, 2012

Episode 24 -The Great GravityDebate Of 2012

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Proper Grammar
Israel's Language: Esparanto
This Weeks Beer -  MontyPython's Holy Grail Ale Black Knight's Reserve
Penn's Sunday School
Pants Suck
Kevlar Boxers
Pikachu Sucks
Pay Per Pound On Planes
TSA Liposuction
2003 Was The Year Of Cat Hair In The Mouth
Power Outage At Cedar Point
FCC Says Tethering Is OK
Sex Doll Speed Control
How Fast Do You Have To Hit Someone For Their Eyes To Pop Out
Shoot Down The Teddy Bears!
Clive Palmer's Titanic And Cloned Dinosaurs
I Bit My Teachers Crotch
Femto Cameras
Tony Robins Burns People At Fire Walking Event
Google Hangouts
On The Waterfront Festival - Live Show Sept 1
Skydiving World Record
The Great Gravity Debate
Pumpkin Chunkin, Or Is It Chuckin?
America's Cardboard Cup
Power Wheel Racing Circuit
Tough Mudder
Warrior Dash
Crystal Lake Chili Open Golf Tournament
Climb The Sears Tower
Google Fiber 1gb/s In Kansas City
Topeka Renamed To Google For A Few Days
Diving Into Gold Coins
Android For Raspberry Pi

"May your beers and your conversations never run dry"