Monday, August 13, 2012

Episode 25 - Snopes Crushed Black Doug's Dreams

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Google+ Hangouts Didn't Work So Well...
Israel's Language: Portuguese
This Week's Beer: Fat Tire Amber Ale
What's 7C?
Israel Pretending To Be Andrew Carr
Crazy Craigslist Story: I Stomped On Your Fire, You Choked On A Biscuit
You Just Got Robbed!
Curiosity Landing On Mars
LCROSS crashing into the moon
Andrew Carr Actually Calls In And Comments On:
Riding Lawnmowers
Crashing Things Into The Moon
Curiosity Rover on Twitter
Mcdonald's Ads On Pandora
Olympics Ads
Hispanics In Chipotle
The Fat Kid At Red Mango
Shit Flavored Shit
Blacker Than Shaft
Jedi, Wolverine, Or World Peace?
TheOtherBrew On Skype Is "Amazing Badass"
Judge Says Ok To Entrap Friends With Seized Phones
Monocles Are Awesome!
Man Microwaves Socks, Starts Apartment Fire
Israel Was A Horrible Child: Dryer S'mores
The Bubba Special - Milk, Cinnamon, And RC Cola
Root Beer And Orange Soda Mixed Is Amazing!
Alcoholic Food!
Run A mile, Eat A Hot Dog....
Our Portal 2 Levels: The Destabilizer, Everything Is Better With Lasers, And Remember The Cube
Tough Mudder
Black Doug Got A Solidoodle 3D Printer At Work!
Japan Is Building Mechwarriors!
The Worst Thing Ever
"I Owe My Life To Justin Bieber"
No! I Will Make Duck Porn!
Naked Woman Evades Police In F250
Man Murders Himself
Man Fired For "liking" Political Candidate
Verticle Skydiving World Record Broken At Skydive Chicago
360 Degree Stitched Video
Soccer Ball Camera
Aerial Drones Used For Real Estate
Weird Japanese Game Shows
SNL Making Fun Of Them
Man Murdering Himself Is Not True.... Fuck You Associated Press
Thong Shortage In Ireland
The Silver Episode!