Monday, August 20, 2012

Episode 26 - No Amount Of Piss Is Bringing Him Back

A fair warning: there was more drinking than usual this week

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Israel's Language: num num
Attempting To Play The Mario Theme On Guitar
This Week's Beer: Arrogant Bastard Ale
Weird Divorce Stories
There Is No Amount Of Piss Bringing Him Back
Fucked Up Texts From Israel
Is It Weird To Eat A Banana In Public
Its Un-Manly To Eat A Pink Cupcake
Kenny The Clown Stole Steve Jobs iPad
Balloon Motorcycle
How Many People Did Genghis Khan Sleep With
Egypt Pyramids Discovered On Google Earth
China Tried To Pass Off Top Gun Footage As Air Force Exercises
Kim Jung Un's Wife
More On Genghis Khan's Fucking
Flying To Israel
First Class Has To Pay For Airplane Gas In Syria
Black Doug's Uncle Got Hijacked In The Middle East
How I Met Your Mother - How To Pick Up Chicks At The Airport
How Israel Sneaks Into Movie Theaters
The World Gang Bang Record
Lets Go See The New Bourne Movie
Man Shoots Himself In The Butt In A Movie Theater
Unbreakable Glass
One-Way Breakable Glass
Lion's Should Be Around To Kill Stupid People
Anal Tattoo Girl
10,000 Square Miles Of Floating Rock
Deleting Friends From Facebook
Ads In Facebook
Bad "dad" Joke
Storing Data In DNA
A Call From Andrew Carr
Our Website Crashes Android
We Might Switch To Squarespace Hosting
White Doug Sold DVD's For $200 More Than He Bought Them
Will Weaton On Twitter
Andrew Carr Sends In Pictures Of Cleavage
Black Doug Is Sexy
The Catholic Church Sells Porn
Starbucks Partners With Square!
Navy Ships Come To Chicago
Live Show September 1st Outside The State Street Bridge Bar In Rockford, IL
Come See The Offspring And Theory Of A Deadman With Us!

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