Monday, August 27, 2012

Episode 27 - Our First YouTube Broadcast

Well... We recorded for almost 2 hours this week and cut it to 70 min in the editing room.  So if we seem a bit more A.D.D. than usual this week, that's why.

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Our First Live Stream Via Google Hangout!
Tim's language: gibberish
This Week We're Drinking: Wells Banana Beer
CNP One Up's Black Doug's Sight Reading
Live Show Next Week - Sept 1 In Rockford, IL
Electric Eel Powers Christmas Tree
Delaware Has Eels!?
Giant Eels To Power The World Is Distracting Us
Charging Your Chevy Volt For Free
Aerogel Is Awesome
The Origin Of Bluetooth
Wizards Are Real
Bad-Ass Surgeon Rides Child's Bicycle To Beat Traffic And Perform Surgery
Evanston Mini Maker Faire
Power Wheels Racing Series
Awesome Electric Motorcycle
How The Fridge Got Its Hum
Man Arrested For Spending $2 Bills At Best Buy
How Long Can A Shrimp Run On A Treadmill?
Woman Sues 5 Year Old For $11,000, And Wins
Empire State Building Shooting
Should The Media Censor The News?
Apple Won $1.049B Lawsuit Against Samsung
Patent Wars!
Playing Tennis On The Wing Of A Plane
Finding The Terminal Velocity Of A Penny
Throwing A Baseball At 80% The Speed Of Light
Verizon Math - $0.002 Is Different Than .002¢, Unless You're Verizon
Excessive Cell Phone Fees
You Can Buy Twitter Followers On eBay
Guy Gets Nailed With $675k In RIAA Lawsuit
RIAA Losing Its Funding
More Distractions From BroMyGod
Beanie Baby Guy Gives $20k Tip For Driving Directions
Neil Armstrong Died at 82
LCROSS Recon Photos Of Apollo Landing Site
Russian High Heel Racing
In Soviet Russia...
Man Feeds Cattle With Candy
In Capitalist America...
How To Make Money With Money
Strange Free Food From CNP
Black Doug's Tax Refund Receipt
The World Without US
Black Doug's Take On US Foreign Policy
Worst Toast Ever!

This week's Pictures!