Friday, September 28, 2012

Episode 32 - Your Mother

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Your Mother!
Black Doug was the only one in Studio the last couple of episodes
Israel has a beard!?!
Some super professional recording
This week's Beer: Firestone Walker Double DBA
Brian is listening to all the episodes
$15 bottle of beer
Upcoming beers
Which is better Moped or Bacon
Guy drives vespa from oregon to maine with 9 iphones
Ardrino bar tender
3000lbs of bacon to get across the country -
There will be a bacon shortage!?!
Free Bacon on Thursdays!
The United Church of Bacon
A Webcam at the top of mt everest
man tests police response time with fake gernade launcher
Are you being a dick, a flowchart
Awesome resignation email
The Whopper Sacrafice: unfriend 10 friends on facebook for a free whopper
Champion of the world beer cup
Gangnam Style!
Kim Jung Style
A few minutes of us snickering at youtube videos
Why does that have 3 million views?
Awesome notes from kids
iPhone 5's supply chain and rare earth metals
iPhone resale value
iphone 5 screen easier to replace
Apple makes a buttload of money on iPhone hardware
How much is an iPhone 3G worth?
Washing a 386 computer, with water
Guy makes AK-47 art
Black Doug is catching up on show notes... slowly
Bagle head injection big in Japan
Sting ray photobomb
If I poke myself in the face, can you hear it
Woman performs C-Section on herself
We should go to Vegas again
CNP brake job could have been lots cheaper
Why does the speedometer go to 160 MPH
Man shoots himself on national TV
Playing Portal 2
The Onion tries to piss off non-Islamic religious folk...
Black Doug rants on politics
The World's best father photo series

Monday, September 24, 2012

Episode 31 - Blind Man's Penis

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Talking to Google about brady bunch style google hangouts
Lower third on google hangouts
This weeks beet Sam Adams Oktoberfest
White Doug won't vote for Black Doug :(
"You said fucking a lot in that sentence"
Using a big mirror to fixed mirror imaged webcams
ZombieS! Halo Corp trains for zombie apocolypse
What generation are we?
Israel has a pipe too?
Fucked up text messages from Israel
Black Doug thought process flow chart:
     Am I a decendant of Gengus Kahn?
     If Yes, Is Kim Jung Un's wife hot?
     If No, I am a descendant of King Edward of England
1 in 7 probably deserve to die
The Tudors involks a "stabby mood"
The fist bumping cat is our biggest driver of downloads!
We should sell fist bumping cats
Some break ups are bad - Ex-boyfriend living in attic 12 years later
Arrested Development coming to netflix
Weird food combinations
Popcorn cerial
Don't bring up American Cheese!
Have you ever met the kebler elves
Barking Spiders
Oktoberfest is in September
White Doug knocked over wine in the liquor store
Kim Jung Un is fat, and giving out workout advise
Black Doug vs Kim Jung Un
The history of Nintendo
The Wii U
Mario on iPhone would be awesome!
How to make an IT guy cringe
CNP didn't play video games as a child, or have electricity.
"Tim, I'm going to kidnap you and put put you in my basement..."
Song Poems - Stevie Wonder's Penis
Funny stories from the ER
Learn vs teach
Raspberri Pi supercomputer
The EL train
How do blind people know if they're gay or not?
Bacon number on Google
The EL train again
Life sized game of Mouse Trap
Life Sized board games
We should build a big chess set for burning man next year
White Doug needs to start training for his bike ride
You Tube is under scheduled maintenance
Daylight Savings Time is November 4
Andre the Giant drank 127 beers in one sitting
The Princess Bride is awesome!
Getting hit by a car is funny
There is no unmute!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Episode 30 - Golf Courses

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Our first episode we are all in separate locations!
CNP's awesome jungle bridge picture
Goose Island Harvest Ale
Weird alcohol laws
Text messages from Israel
Why does some hair only grow so long
Where is Bosnia?
Amazon doesn't have inflatable anvils :(
Anvils are expensive
The origin of pumpkin chuckin
Blowing anvils up for most air time
How to steam wood to build a kayak - redneck style
Amphibious bicycle
Cedar Point selling the paddlewheel boats
Rembrant painting lost in the mail in Norway
Sperm bicycle
Space Spiral blown up at Cedar Point
Mining and airspace rights
Apple iPhone 5 preorder stories with "the person white doug lives with"
Printing guns with 3D printers
DIY bomb building
Why isn't Black Doug black?
Woman drives car into sand trap following GPS
Mini golf an acceptable date?
White Doug got a hole in zero
Cool looking Golf course
Shotgun rampage after broken window on golf course
Under water golf, even better, Under-water darts
Bow hunting
Whiskey tasting party - an amazing idea
Good target shooting
Bow target shooting - 297/300 is only ameture?
Practice bowling before a tournoment
Israel is drinking rum from the bottle
Chugging Jack Daniels on epic meal time
Bacon grease toasted hot dog buns
Pumpkin Chunkin in Delaware
"Bought with my kids college fund"
Israel filled Black Doug's kitchen with smoke while trying to cook frozen pizza
The cop wrote himself a ticket
White Doug wrote himself up at work
Bicycle dynamo for iphone charging
Journey of Hope bike ride will allow tour of Chrystler plant
Ride a bike across the ocean
Google Hangout & Youtube worked much better this time
Dan Akroyd is signing Crystal Head Vodka bottles on Oct 5
Thanks for watching Eric!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Episode 29 - Wrestling Gorillas

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Recorded Feb 15, 2012
Man dies at Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas
Height weight charts
Do you think humans will ever walk on the sun?
FBI surveillance van #23 is an awesome SSID
Black Doug's $100 Trillion bill from Zimbabwe
Peep Jousting
This week's beer: Left Hand Milk Stout
Lets drive to Colorado!
White Doug sucks at setting up Black Doug on a date
Alzheimer drugs and lab rats
Guillotines and how long you live
Apple and Ford Stock
Bro Tips
Dress Shirt buttons
Taylor Swift isn't jail bait?
Justin Bieber
Investing in whiskey
South pole whiskey duplicated for 50,000 bottle run
Planking and the Darwin Awards
Some picture none of us remember
What weapon would you attack a Gorilla with
White Doug's Lawsuit
Israel put his foot through an apartment wall, and got the deposit back
White Doug's projector in his old dorm
Why did the Doug's get kicked out of their dorm at NIU?
What defines a man?
CNP's old cats
Israel's dog in a restaurant joke
Israel can't hang out with someone who owns a pig
Weird 911 transcripts
Paying for things with pennies
How not to get hired
Roz Savage rowed across the Pacific Ocean
Black Doug's pint glasses
Jenny's number: 867-5309

No Pictures this week :(  

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Episode 28 - White Doug Sucks His iPhone's Hole

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Live from the On The Waterfront Festival in Rockford IL
Garage Band missed about 5 min of recording
This week's beer: Pacifico
Israel flew in from Delaware
Special Guest Andrew Carr flew in from Cleveland
Special guest Hollywood is with us
A cow got stuck in a tree
White Doug dropped his iPhone in a toilet
White Doug sucks on his iPhone
iPhone 5 Rumors
The fist bumping cat tried to blow away
Bluetooth laser keyboard
Israel shopping in Sky mall
Buy clean water and re-dirty
Toll sidewalks
European pay toilets
Supercooled water (super freeze)
Using dry ice for a smoke cannon
First World Problems
Black Doug doesn't wash white clothes
Mercedes S class
Black Doug's driveway sucks
Go Chicago Bears
What is a Brown (the Cleveland version)
Cubs fans rock!
Black Doug's sister's shower is messed up
Finding really old messages in bottles
Canadian family adopts grizzly bear to live with them
Andrew Carr's story time
Man crawled 200 miles after being attacked by bear
Moscow spent $20m on getting rid of clouds
2016 Chicago Olympics would have been awesome
Hollywood ditched work to be here
Tasmanian Devils have a face cancer problem
Weirdo's eating people's faces
The zombie Apocalypse
Israel's date last week didn't go so well
Hurricane Issac wind is ridiculous
Hollywood swears off Brazilian women
Revenge biting – Nepali man bite a cobra to death
Roll up keyboards
55 Gallon Drums of lube on Amazon
$30m maple syrup heist
Hollywood has to make it back to work
Visit Hollywood at the Rockford Guitar Center
The rain and wind is a little ridiculous
Instagram users posting lots of sexual pictures
$90 dual alarm clock from skymall
We should condition humans
Tweets from 2006
TV cliffhangers should be called blue balls
Weather affects cloud computing... according to stupid people
Viewing the past via a giant space mirror
CNP's toast with iPhones

Pictures Here!


Dear Internet,
1. Sorry that it was not live streamed on the internet because well we didnt have any internet there.

2. The weather was really windy and we had a loud neighbor so there was a lot of wind noise that really can not be edited out with someone with my editing skillz so with the exception of 2 minorish edits this weeks episode will be unedited and I hope everyone likes it.

3. Also the reason that the audio was so bad was because we turned up the gain on the microphones so that people could hear us on our speakers walking by but doing that picked up so much noise.  Things that we are learning as we go.

4. There is a small chunk in the beginning that was not recorded because GarageBand was being a Dick again and stopped recording and I did not notice that it had done that due to all the extra noise in my headphones.  

       So what happened in that blank space. 1 We introduced everyone. White Doug, Black Doug, Cool Name Pending, Israel Palestine and special guests Andrew Carr and Holly Wood. 2. We talked about our beer which was Pacifico. It was an alright beer, lighter than what we are used to but still good. 

4. I hope everyone out there is sticking with us even when we have issues.  This live thing was very new to us and we didnt realize how much work it would be to setup and with the weather it just made it 100 times worse.

Next week we will be back in a studio and it should sound better again..

-White Doug-

Saturday, September 1, 2012