Monday, September 10, 2012

Episode 29 - Wrestling Gorillas

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Recorded Feb 15, 2012
Man dies at Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas
Height weight charts
Do you think humans will ever walk on the sun?
FBI surveillance van #23 is an awesome SSID
Black Doug's $100 Trillion bill from Zimbabwe
Peep Jousting
This week's beer: Left Hand Milk Stout
Lets drive to Colorado!
White Doug sucks at setting up Black Doug on a date
Alzheimer drugs and lab rats
Guillotines and how long you live
Apple and Ford Stock
Bro Tips
Dress Shirt buttons
Taylor Swift isn't jail bait?
Justin Bieber
Investing in whiskey
South pole whiskey duplicated for 50,000 bottle run
Planking and the Darwin Awards
Some picture none of us remember
What weapon would you attack a Gorilla with
White Doug's Lawsuit
Israel put his foot through an apartment wall, and got the deposit back
White Doug's projector in his old dorm
Why did the Doug's get kicked out of their dorm at NIU?
What defines a man?
CNP's old cats
Israel's dog in a restaurant joke
Israel can't hang out with someone who owns a pig
Weird 911 transcripts
Paying for things with pennies
How not to get hired
Roz Savage rowed across the Pacific Ocean
Black Doug's pint glasses
Jenny's number: 867-5309

No Pictures this week :(