Monday, September 17, 2012

Episode 30 - Golf Courses

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Our first episode we are all in separate locations!
CNP's awesome jungle bridge picture
Goose Island Harvest Ale
Weird alcohol laws
Text messages from Israel
Why does some hair only grow so long
Where is Bosnia?
Amazon doesn't have inflatable anvils :(
Anvils are expensive
The origin of pumpkin chuckin
Blowing anvils up for most air time
How to steam wood to build a kayak - redneck style
Amphibious bicycle
Cedar Point selling the paddlewheel boats
Rembrant painting lost in the mail in Norway
Sperm bicycle
Space Spiral blown up at Cedar Point
Mining and airspace rights
Apple iPhone 5 preorder stories with "the person white doug lives with"
Printing guns with 3D printers
DIY bomb building
Why isn't Black Doug black?
Woman drives car into sand trap following GPS
Mini golf an acceptable date?
White Doug got a hole in zero
Cool looking Golf course
Shotgun rampage after broken window on golf course
Under water golf, even better, Under-water darts
Bow hunting
Whiskey tasting party - an amazing idea
Good target shooting
Bow target shooting - 297/300 is only ameture?
Practice bowling before a tournoment
Israel is drinking rum from the bottle
Chugging Jack Daniels on epic meal time
Bacon grease toasted hot dog buns
Pumpkin Chunkin in Delaware
"Bought with my kids college fund"
Israel filled Black Doug's kitchen with smoke while trying to cook frozen pizza
The cop wrote himself a ticket
White Doug wrote himself up at work
Bicycle dynamo for iphone charging
Journey of Hope bike ride will allow tour of Chrystler plant
Ride a bike across the ocean
Google Hangout & Youtube worked much better this time
Dan Akroyd is signing Crystal Head Vodka bottles on Oct 5
Thanks for watching Eric!