Monday, September 24, 2012

Episode 31 - Blind Man's Penis

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Talking to Google about brady bunch style google hangouts
Lower third on google hangouts
This weeks beet Sam Adams Oktoberfest
White Doug won't vote for Black Doug :(
"You said fucking a lot in that sentence"
Using a big mirror to fixed mirror imaged webcams
ZombieS! Halo Corp trains for zombie apocolypse
What generation are we?
Israel has a pipe too?
Fucked up text messages from Israel
Black Doug thought process flow chart:
     Am I a decendant of Gengus Kahn?
     If Yes, Is Kim Jung Un's wife hot?
     If No, I am a descendant of King Edward of England
1 in 7 probably deserve to die
The Tudors involks a "stabby mood"
The fist bumping cat is our biggest driver of downloads!
We should sell fist bumping cats
Some break ups are bad - Ex-boyfriend living in attic 12 years later
Arrested Development coming to netflix
Weird food combinations
Popcorn cerial
Don't bring up American Cheese!
Have you ever met the kebler elves
Barking Spiders
Oktoberfest is in September
White Doug knocked over wine in the liquor store
Kim Jung Un is fat, and giving out workout advise
Black Doug vs Kim Jung Un
The history of Nintendo
The Wii U
Mario on iPhone would be awesome!
How to make an IT guy cringe
CNP didn't play video games as a child, or have electricity.
"Tim, I'm going to kidnap you and put put you in my basement..."
Song Poems - Stevie Wonder's Penis
Funny stories from the ER
Learn vs teach
Raspberri Pi supercomputer
The EL train
How do blind people know if they're gay or not?
Bacon number on Google
The EL train again
Life sized game of Mouse Trap
Life Sized board games
We should build a big chess set for burning man next year
White Doug needs to start training for his bike ride
You Tube is under scheduled maintenance
Daylight Savings Time is November 4
Andre the Giant drank 127 beers in one sitting
The Princess Bride is awesome!
Getting hit by a car is funny
There is no unmute!