Friday, September 28, 2012

Episode 32 - Your Mother

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Your Mother!
Black Doug was the only one in Studio the last couple of episodes
Israel has a beard!?!
Some super professional recording
This week's Beer: Firestone Walker Double DBA
Brian is listening to all the episodes
$15 bottle of beer
Upcoming beers
Which is better Moped or Bacon
Guy drives vespa from oregon to maine with 9 iphones
Ardrino bar tender
3000lbs of bacon to get across the country -
There will be a bacon shortage!?!
Free Bacon on Thursdays!
The United Church of Bacon
A Webcam at the top of mt everest
man tests police response time with fake gernade launcher
Are you being a dick, a flowchart
Awesome resignation email
The Whopper Sacrafice: unfriend 10 friends on facebook for a free whopper
Champion of the world beer cup
Gangnam Style!
Kim Jung Style
A few minutes of us snickering at youtube videos
Why does that have 3 million views?
Awesome notes from kids
iPhone 5's supply chain and rare earth metals
iPhone resale value
iphone 5 screen easier to replace
Apple makes a buttload of money on iPhone hardware
How much is an iPhone 3G worth?
Washing a 386 computer, with water
Guy makes AK-47 art
Black Doug is catching up on show notes... slowly
Bagle head injection big in Japan
Sting ray photobomb
If I poke myself in the face, can you hear it
Woman performs C-Section on herself
We should go to Vegas again
CNP brake job could have been lots cheaper
Why does the speedometer go to 160 MPH
Man shoots himself on national TV
Playing Portal 2
The Onion tries to piss off non-Islamic religious folk...
Black Doug rants on politics
The World's best father photo series